What is SECP Form A?

SECP Form A stands as an essential document that every company with a share capital must file annually as part of their regulatory compliance. It’s among the most commonly submitted SECP forms, offering a snapshot of the company’s status as of a specific date. This snapshot is either from the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) if held, or the last day of the calendar year if an AGM hasn’t taken place.

When is SECP Form A Due?

Form A is filed once a year, typically after the close of the financial year if an AGM is conducted. As per the Companies Act, 2017, AGM’s should be held within 120 days from the end of the financial year. Therefore, Form A is due within 120 days from the close of the financial year. However, if no AGM is held, Form A must be filed by the 30th of January following the end of the calendar year. For the first AGM, the filing time extends to sixteen months from the date of incorporation.

Time frame for Filing SECP Form A

Companies have a 30-day window to file Form A. If an AGM is conducted, the form must be filed within 30 days from the date of the AGM. In the absence of an AGM, the deadline remains the 30th of January. For the first AGM, the form is due within 30 days from the AGM or within 150 days from the close of the financial year, whichever comes first.

Who Needs to File SECP Form A?

Not all companies with share capital are required to file Form A annually. According to the Companies Act 2017, companies like Single Member Companies and Private Companies with a paid-up capital of Three Million rupees or less may be exempt from filing Form A if there are no changes in particulars from the previous year. However, Public Companies and Private Companies with paid-up capital exceeding Three Million rupees must file Form A annually, regardless of changes in particulars.

Information Required in SECP Form A

Form A consists of three parts, each serving distinct purposes:

  • Part 1: Company details, AGM date, and Form A date.
  • Part 2: Information about the company’s registered office, officers, capital details, and details of directors, shareholders, and debenture holders.
  • Part 3: Declaration by the authorized signatory regarding the accuracy of information and compliance with legal provisions.

How to File SECP Form A?

Form A can be filed online or offline. If there are changes in officer particulars, Form 29 should also be filed alongside Form A. Online filing allows for combined submission of Form A and Form 29, while offline filing requires separate submissions for both forms.

By understanding the nuances of SECP Form A and ensuring its timely submission, companies uphold regulatory compliance and minimize the risk of penalties, fostering a culture of transparency and adherence to legal obligations.

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