Monthly Sales Tax Filling:

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The deadline for filing monthly sales tax returns in Pakistan is the 18th of the following month. For example, the sales tax return for the month of January must be filed by February 18th.

To file a monthly sales tax return, businesses must calculate the amount of sales tax collected from customers during the month and subtract any tax paid on purchases or expenses. The resulting amount is the net sales tax owed to the government for the month.

Once the monthly sales tax return is prepared, it must be submitted to the FBR either online or by paper, along with any tax owed for the month. Failure to file monthly sales tax returns on time or to pay the correct amount of sales tax owed can result in penalties and fines.

If you need assistance with tax-related matters, it is important to find a reputable and qualified tax consultant. Who can provide personalized guidance and support.

Monthly Federal / Provincial Sales Tax Return Filing

Minimum Fee: Rs. 5,000
(Actual Fee will depend on the turnover and nature of business activity)
Completion Time:
3 – 4 Working Days


  • Copies of Sales Invoices
  • Copies of purchases Invoices
  • Bank Statements
  • Other information as required
  • For more information Please Feel Free To Contact Us

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